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Sixteen year old Cassandra is pissed off. Her family’s a disaster since her parents divorced. Her father, Armando, is never around. But now, she really needs him. He’s the only one who can help her get rid of Milton, her mom’s repulsive boyfriend who keeps putting moves on her. Can she get her unavailable father to help?

Meanwhile, Armando’s got plenty of problems, too. He’s tired of his gangster lifestyle, which has caused the disintegration of his family. He needs to extract his irascible mother, the Signora, from a nursing home, while enlisting her aid in averting the closing of some public pools by corrupt bigwigs who want to snatch the only source of relief from the summer heat from New York’s poor and minorities. 

The Signora’s got the goods on these sleazy movers and shakers, including the great builder, Robert Moses. 

But can these three stop bickering long enough to help each other? Can they put aside their differences to stop corrupt men from defrauding the less fortunate? Will they be able to forgive each other and become a family again? They’re all in for a bumpy ride as they take on perverts, powerbrokers, assassins and mobsters. 

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