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A.W. Smith

A.W. just has to write. Usually about 4000 words per day is his internal need to create great stories. Some creepy. Some funny.

A.W. is a husband, soon to be father and teaches high school. He lives with his family in the Salt Lake City area.

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Hollow Pantheon
The Horror Fiction of A.W. Smith
A.W. Smith’s award-winning horror fiction is available for the first time in one ebook anthology! Over thirty No Sleep and Creepypasta stories are available, including:
  • Works of Lovecraftian and cosmic horror, like “I Found Out Why We Forget Our Dreams," “We Found a Man in the Desert Digging,” and “My Hospital is Covering Something Up”
  • Tales of Junji-Ito style body horror, like ‘I Wake Up with Zippers In My Skin,” “The Trees in My Town Have Bodies in Them,” and “They’re Naming a Disease After Me”
And for the very first time, you can read the never-before published stories that reveal the secret thread that has tied every award-winning Creepypasta by A.W. Smith together from the very beginning - the Hollow Pantheon.
Buy ebook: The Hollow Pantheon
Buy Paperback: The Hollow Pantheon
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