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David Spencer

David was born and raised in the Midwest, in a land of rivers, lakes, forests and endless enchantment for any child with wanderlust - an open door into the marvels and mysteries of the natural world.

Now soon to be 70, David’s life is a returning to that place of joyful songs and silence, where Mother Nature’s infinite wonder gives one a joyful sense of belonging to something indefinable and greater than one’s self, that place where all is one and one is all, “wherever we may be.”

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These poems are stories of Man’s quest for oneness with God and the Kingdom of Heaven. Stories of Man’s fall from grace, the soul’s dark night and our battle for freedom from the fetters and chains that bind mankind. Poems of redemption, liberation, death, sin, suffering, sorrow, surrender and peace. Poems of finding God in our daily lives and diamonds in the dust, realizing the universe lives and breathes through all of us. Poems of disovering ourselves in nature, the Great Spirit and being unified with all creation.

“Unity senses and intellect can’t understand,
The universe is in our soul.
Spirit in every grain of sand,
It’s love that makes us whole.”

Poems of joy, fulfillment and praise in celebration of being home in the House of God. 

In this collection, each poem is written to be a thread woven together in a tapestry of stories about Man’s spiritual journey in life. It’s my humble and sincere desire this work may benefit your life in some way and be a joy to read.

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