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Amber Garcia

Amber is a mother of two, a creator of art, and loves the outdoors. Watching a full moon rise is one of her favorites. Originally from Michigan, she moved to Tucson, Arizona in 2007 for the warmer weather.


Having never been to the desert, she immediately fell in love with the mountainous landscape and the saguaro cacti.  Amber enjoys hiking and exploring around Arizona.


It was seeing all the saguaro cacti on those hikes that provided the inspiration for bed time stories for her children. The Thirsty Saguaro is her first. She hopes that you find as much enjoyment reading these quirky stories to your loved as she does. 

Amber photo.jpeg
A delightful tale of a Saguaro stuck in the desert. 


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Saguaro Pants cover.jpg
An engrossing tale of a Saguaro wanting to change his wardrobe. 


Buy from Amazon:  Saguaros Can't Wear Pants

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Friend a Saguaro Keeps web cover.jpg
We all need loyal friends who help us, especially in the desert. 


Buy from Amazon:  A Friend a Saguaro Keeps

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Sheriff Saguaro cover web.jpg
When a messy dust devil blows into town, it's up to Sheriff Saguaro to run him out of town. 


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Red Corvette cover image.jpg

Have your ever wondered where Santa goes when Christmas is over? After he hangs up his red coat and puts away his black boots?  

Illustrated by the author.


Buy from Amazon:  Santa's Red Corvette

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