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R-Team Magazine Classifieds

List your item on the Classifieds page

Your ad will be seen by all Raytheon employees via the print and digital versions of the magazine. (Click the image to the left to see the current issue). Each ad runs for one month only. Resubmit to be in other issues.

FREE to all RTX employees. Remember to be concise, thorough and include a way to be contacted in your ad. Proofread your copy carefully. The editor reserves the right  to refuse any ad. No personal type ads. Deadline for the next months' issue is the 20th of this month. Classified ad requests sent after the 20th may be published in the following issue. $25 fee to add a photo.

Cost is $65 if not an employee (up to 2 column inches). (We check the email). Additional inches or fractions are $10 ea. Payment required at time of order. (See below).

Once you are satisfied with your ad copy, click SEND, then click the PAY NOW button below to complete

your transaction. Unless you are an employee. Your email above and the payment info email must match for your payment to match up with your order.

Thank you!

Thanks! Message sent.

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