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Helping you become a published author by preparing your work for publication, printing and/or converting to ebooks and marketing your work to the world can all be accomplished through our team of experienced professionals. Let's start the conversation about your next book project: ​click here to email us.


Manuscript Preparation

Preparing your manuscript for publication is the first step to becoming a published author.
Manuscripts may be submitted in many different formats, but plain vanilla text or Word formats are preferred. Don't have a computer or email? Not to worry. The following non-electronic formats are also accepted: handwritten (additional cost), typewritten (additional cost).
When your manuscript is received, a preflight test and spell check are performed on electronic files and then saved into a Word format and a backup is made.
The last step before going to the design department is to proofread the entire manuscript.

Editing services also available.  Learn More.


Book Cover Design and Book Layout


Almost as important to a book's success, besides the title, is a compelling, well executed, cover design.

It's a fact of life: People do judge a book by its cover.

A page design that works and book layout appropriate for the subject matter are discussed with you by our design team and choices are presented for your approval. The book layout proof, based on the design paramaters is then produced.  At this time a Table of Contents with correct page numbers are added, along with a publication info/copyright page.
You review this book layout proof and make comments, note corrections or suggest alterations.
Upon your approval of the book layout proof, your manuscript is ready for printing and/or electronic publication.

Cover Designs start at $99. Book layout/design starts at $150.  Learn More.


Book Printing

We produce all kinds of books: journals, family history books, memorial books, novels, text books, illustrated books, children's books, cook books--you get the idea. Whether you decide on a hard cover binding, a paperback or some other type of binding, we have some of the lowest minimums and special author pricing. Our minimum order for a paperback is only 10 copies! No need to store a large initial print run.  Author's enjoy special discount pricing for copies purchased for personal use or sale. Learn More.


Author Websites


Readers want to know more about the authors of the stories they love. An Author Website is a perfect way to do that, to stay engaged with your audience as well as announce new titles, and sell your work. Book buy links for your existing website, for the platforms you choose, are included with all publishing packages. A FREE Author page on this website is included with all publishing packages.

Basic Author Website: $325; Ecommerce Author Website: $699. Learn More.



eBook Conversion

In today's publishing world, an electronic book format has become a necessity. Included in all Publishing Packages is a PDF electronic format viewable with Adobe Acrobat Reader.  Other formats, like Amazon Kindle, Barnes & Noble Nook and others start at $75 ea. Learn More.


A Proven Marketing approach

A tried and proven book marketing program that can launch your book into the best selling rankings of Amazon, the largest book sellier search engine in the world.  Our program has produced many #1 in category on Amazon, which translates into regular monthly sales.  Your book is also highlighted, Tweeted and Posted on FB as well as this site (in the Bookstore and Coming Soon pages).This is a 6 or 9 month intensive marketing program with two options:
Regular and Expanded.  Regular: $749.   Xtra: $1249. LEARN MORE.


Out of Print  books

Is your book out of print? Can't get in contact with the previous publisher or printer? Do you have the copyright?  If you answered YES to these questions and would like to republish your book, either in print format or in ebook format, please contact us. We can help!

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