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Morgan Toone

From a young age, Morgan was captivated by the power of storytelling and the written story. She gained a deep love for dogs after rescuing a husky mix from an accidental backyard litter - a dog she went on to name Balto. Fueled by her devotion to Balto and driven by a purpose to make a difference, Morgan found a burning passion for the world of animal rescue and welfare. 

Through her writing, Morgan aims to educate young minds on the importance of empathy and compassion toward animals, while treating them all with kindness and respect. 

Morgan's greatest joy is being an adoring aunt to three little ones who share her love for reading and learning. They have become her ultimate inspiration, motivating her to create captivating stories that not only entertain but also impart valuable life lessons. As a devoted bookworm herself, Morgan understands the magic that stories can weave in young hearts and minds, and she aspires to ignite the same sense of wonder in her readers.

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Inspired by a real-life rescue story, Balto's Big Day Out tells the thrilling tale of an unwanted backyard litter pup and the exciting adventure to find his forever family. After escaping the yard he was born in, Balto braves the streets to find his new family while facing many trials along the way. Will he find a home before the sun goes down? The first in its series, this story is sure to leave paw prints on the hearts of generations to come.

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