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Promotional Products that work. Period.


Growing your business takes a consistent approach. Promotional Products give you that extra edge in branding and top-of-min awareness.


Click below to open our searchable product database, see pricing and ordering information. Our experts are standing by to answer your questions if you need help.

2019 BIC Promo
Promotional products geared to your industry by one of the most trusted companies in America. Save time. Save money. Click the image to the left to open the catalog.
High Caliber Promos
Includes new brands: AGRADE luxury office products, Hydro-Soul stainless steel bottles, Element29 copper-lined bottles, Modern Alchemist barware, Wolverine drinkware, Trilogy colorfully elegant office products, O2Cool misting fans & water bottles
Winter 2019 Hirsch Gift Catalog
Our 2018 Catalog showcases our hottest products and the newest offerings in the collection, including premium brands, as well as HG's own line. All imprintable with your company logo. Click the image to open the catalog.
Handstand 2019 Gift Catalog
Be with your customers wherever they are, on their computers or phones. These ingenious devices that make them easier to use. Click the image to the left to open the catalog.
2019 New & Best
Selling Products
Magnets make great giveaways and keep your company name in front of everyone!
Click the image to open the catalog.
2020 Primeline
An impressive line of premiums, awards and recognition items, backpacks and so much, that will improve your company's image and memorability. Click the image to open the catalog.
Only the best folders are good enough for your corporate image. New designs and ideas are just a click away. Click the image to open the catalog.
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