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Dr. Ming Way

Dr. Ming Way was born and raised in a small village in rural China. After obtaining her doctorate in East Asian Studies from the University of Arizona in 2015, she launched a new adventure as a philosophy of life author, a spiritual mentor and an artist-entrepreneur.


Standing on a unique platform buttressed by Eastern philosophies and modern physics, Dr. Ming Way enlightens artistic souls trapped by intelligent minds in a postmodern society. She illuminates self-discovery, self-liberation, meaningful lifestyles and fulfilling relationships through the wit and wisdom of her allegorical fiction.


Her website,, provides complementary blogs, videos and other media products that aim to enrich, enlighten, and most importantly, entertain.

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Born Rich, Learn Poor:
              Love Attracts, Fear Repels
“I’m the boss of everything!” roars Polisco, the father polar bear.
“According to our masters…” barks BarKockalotte, the pet dog.
“Bark off, Uggo! I don’t care!” yowls Purrplexy, the pet cat.
“Indeed inappropriate!” growls PanRoo, the mother panda kangaroo.
“In…a… poop…it!”coos the cub, imitating his mom.
“What’s essential is not debatable; what’s debatable is not essential,” chants the magic tortoise to the family.   
A deadly epizootic of a social virus is rampant on Planet F, an economic superpower in the universe. One morning, an animal family saved a severely wounded tortoise in their backyard. Mystical, allegorical, humorous and inspiring stories in this book narrate how the magic tortoise helps the infected animals return to the Essence of life on their journey of self-discovery.
“An unconventional marriage of Eastern mysticism and modern physics gives birth to this philosophy of life. It’s my calling to share it with all artistic souls trapped by intelligent minds,” says the author, Dr. Ming Way.
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Paperback version is also available at Amazon, Barnes & Nobel and many other online and retail outlets. 
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